It’s always a great time when the Caliber Team gets together, and the 2018 Holiday Party was no exception. Over 110 Caliber team members and guests gathered at The Arctic Club in Seattle for a night of laughter, stories, dinner, table trivia, and much more. Here’s just a peek into the good times shared by all.


2018 Caliber Award Winners

Caliber Excellence Award

Chandra Lacy

Each year we give out the Caliber Excellence award to a member of the Caliber Real Estate roster who exemplifies the higher degree of excellence that we strive for. This year, Chandra Lacy was awarded this great honor for her hard work and dedication in providing the highest degree of excellence in her client interactions (both traditional buyers & sellers, as well as investor clients), in her personal investment activities, and in her interactions with other members of the Caliber Real Estate team. We are thrilled to have Chandra on the Caliber Real Estate team and see many more great things in store for her in the coming years!

Rookie of the Year

Boyang Hou

It’s rare that an agent comes into the real estate business with the ferocity that Boyang did this year, so it was no surprise that he was named the Caliber Real Estate Rookie of the Year for 2018. Boyang has worked hard to develop a clientele of traditional buyers & sellers, along with a strong book of investor clients. Boyang’s calm and unassuming demeanor mask his ferocious work ethic and drive for success. He knows what it takes to go to bat for his clients and consistently delivers a higher degree of excellence. Congratulations, Boyang!

Top Producers - Caliber Real Estate

Renee “Mama” McGahan

“Mama” McGahan, as she is affectionately known, launched herself into the #1 overall Top Producer at Caliber Real Estate in 2018. In addition to the impact she continues to have on new agents around the office and the Caliber team as a whole, Renee’s career trajectory spiked in 2018, vaulting her numbers into the stratosphere! Among her many deals in 2018 was $4.2M acquisition on Mercer Island as part of our “Built-In Buyer” program, which was featured in Episode #3 of Caliber Life. We look forward to many more successful years

Kenny Patton

Kenny continued his streak of Top Producer finshes in 2018, this year as the #2 overall producer at Caliber Real Estate. Kenny bought into the Caliber Real Estate vision long ago, and while his traditional production continues to be strong, the growth of his personal real estate portfolio is truly his claim to fame. Kenny continues to serve traditional buyers and sellers, as well as Investor Clients build their portfolios, just as he has done himself.

Hussein Madkour

It only took 3 years for Hussein to reach the Elite Tier at Caliber Real Estate, finishing 2018 as the #3 Top Producer at Caliber Real Estate. Hussein and the Madkour team are rapidly becoming the example that others are looking to emulate in their business. The Madkour Team is servicing Traditional Buyers and Sellers, Investor Clients, and Hussein is building his personal portfolio. We’re thrilled to have Hussein on the team and expect him to continue to push the potential of what a Caliber Real Estate Agent can achieve for his clients, team, and personally.

Top Producer - Caliber Investments

Greg Perry

Working with distressed sellers requires mounds of persistence, patience, and finesse – all of which Greg demonstrated during 2018, leading him to be awarded the Top Producer for Caliber Investments. Greg leveraged his abilities to develop rapport and uncover seller’s true motivation to lock up some fantastic investment opportunities for Caliber Investment clients. And amid the strict determination and focus required to manage a database of sellers, Greg took time to assist his fellow Acquisition Managers in honing their sales skills and abilities AND serve as the Guinea Pig for new technology and systems that make the engine go. We’re extatic to have Greg on the team!

Mentor of the Year

Hussein Madkour

A collaborative culture is one of the distinguishing factors at Caliber, so we go out of our way to recognize those that are contributing to the success of others. Anyone who excels in Real Estate can name at least one other person that helped them reach their goals, and Hussein is the one most often named at Caliber Real Estate in 2018 – which is why he was recognized as the Mentor of the Year. In addition to growing his own team, Hussein stepped up to meet with and mentor other agents on the Caliber Real Estate roster.

Biggest Growth

Renee “Mama” McGahan

Not only did Renee jump to Top Producer at Caliber Real Estate in 2018, she made the biggest jump! Renee’s business more than doubled in 2018. And how does Renee describe her tactics for success? Just being true to herself and who she is as a person. Her charisma, charm, and wit, paired with her undying sense of duty to her clients propelled her up the ranks and into the Top 50 Real Estate Agents in the State of Washington! All we can ask is that Renee continues to be herself in 2019, and more success is sure to come her way!

Sexiest Project

Each year, we select a flip or new-build project from within the Caliber family as the “sexiest project” of the year. For the first time, Caliber opened up the voting to the public in 2018 AND BOY DID YOU RESPOND!!!! We had over 34,000 votes to tally, and two projects stood head-and-toes above the others:

Chris Myers with REvision Homes, Inc.

Greg & Gina Lynch with Enfort Homes

Supporting the Austen Everett Foundation in 2019

Among the excitement was the announcement of a Caliber Real Estate effort to support the Austen Everett Foundation in 2019! Caliber Real Estate proudly shared an opportunity to help support the Austen Everett Foundation in their mission to empower kids with cancer to fight through the strength and support of athletic teams. Caliber Real Estate agents and staff are encouraged to give a portion of their commissions to the Austen Everett Foundation, of which Caliber will match.

The Photobooth Returns!

The Caliber Photobooth was a hit attraction again, and captured some pure gold as the evening wore on. Below is a sampling: