Watch the video above, as Ian Morell outlines some upcoming changes to Caliber Investments foreclosure auction service.

You’ve probably noticed that our weekly auction packets have been shrinking in size, which is the result of dwindling inventory available through Foreclosure Auction. For this reason we are scaling back our Foreclosure Auction Service.

What is going away:

  1. Our regular Investor Meetups (which have been alternating every other week between our Bellevue and Tacoma office locations) – last meeting is Thursday, November 8.
  2. Weekly emails containing Foreclosure Auction packets, including our drive notes, comps, and analysis details.

What is remaining:

  1. You can still access all the foreclosure data through our Foreclosure Auction Website.
  2. We will still access title reports for properties up for auction.
  3. We will drive properties you’re interested in and analyze deals, just as we have, but by request (talk to your Sales Team Rep for details).
  4. We will continue to represent clients at Foreclosure Auction, including registration, providing proof of funds, strategic bidding, and registration/title transfer.
  5. New Investor Workshops will still be held every other Tuesday at 6 PM, alternating between Bellevue and Tacoma (talk to your Sales Team Rep for the upcoming schedule).

We know there is value in getting together with your fellow investors, and are exploring ways to continue to provide value through online and/or in-person gatherings at our office facilities. We’ll be sure to reach out with details as they are solidified.

Thanks again to our many investor clients for being flexible with us as we adjust to changing market conditions in an effort to continue to provide you inventory and add value to your real estate investing pursuits.