About Us

Caliber Real Estate is the only full service, investment minded real estate company in the Pacific Northwest. Caliber provides access to more home inventory than anyone in the industry. We began as a partnership among friends flipping homes and building a rental portfolio together, and have grown into a full-service real estate company and traditional real estate brokerage that looks at real estate through an investment lens. Our roots in real estate investing flow through everything we do, from how we find and value properties to how we identify hidden potential and guide clients to maximize their Return On Investment.

Caliber Real Estate began life as a legal entity midway through 2013, but was in the works for many years prior. Ian Morell and his wife Jillian were working in the foreclosure auction world, helping investor clients purchase properties to flip. Months spent watching clients make good returns flipping properties lead them to try their hand at it, partnering with longtime friends Zack Lazo and Dave Albers. A string of successful projects led to an opportunity with a large hedge fund, which provided the funding necessary for the partners to strike out on their own starting Caliber Real Estate.

It wasn’t long before past clients and agent contacts came to them looking for something better. The partners had long been aware of the need for a real estate brokerage that could fully service investor clients and investment-minded real estate agents. And thus, the full vision for Caliber Real Estate came to be.

Caliber Culture

No one is an island in the real estate business, and this is more than true when you’re doing real estate outside the box.

Caliber strives to foster a collaborative, team culture where clients, agents, and staff can work together and spur each other on to greatness. And when we win, we share in each other’s success.

We’re a young company that is passionate about Real Estate, which leads to our fast-growing, startup-type atmosphere.

Mission Statement

“We want to be set apart from other companies — respected for our vision — for excellence to be shown in all we do. Sure, we could be the status quo, but, because of our mission and who we are at our core, Caliber Real Estate strives to be more:


  • more in our look and message;
  • more in the way we handle business;
  • more in how we present the homes we sell;
  • more in the way we go after houses for our buyers;
  • more in the cutting-edge technology and tools we use.

We want to be a cut above. We strive to offer what we believe conveys excellence so that everyone we work with gets to, by default, experience the best — because that is what we are determined to be.”

– Zack Lazo – Founding Partner & Designated Broker

Core Values

We strive to help our clients, staff, and partners not only succeed, but excel. To accomplish this, Caliber promises to:

  • Be transparent in our business operations.
  • Put our clients first in all that we do.
  • Develop and preserve individual relationships with our clients  that span far beyond the timeline of each transaction.
  • Enable our agents to provide clients with the knowledge and resources needed to reach their real estate goals.
  • Support and guide our clients through the entirety of each project, start to finish with integrity and perseverance.
  • Bolster growth and learning within a respectful work environment.

Why Agents Choose Caliber Real Estate

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