This home is the perfect example of the endless possibilities that Seattle fixer homes being sold on the market can bring. This 900 square-foot home was publicly listed for sale for, and we were able to help a client purchase for low enough that it would make sense as a flip opportunity. Every surface of this home was taken into consideration when selecting each finish and making all of the stylistic decisions. To maximize the small space and keep the tone of the home light and bright, they decided to stick with fresh neutral tones and to let as much natural light in as possible. The completed renovation took six months to finish.


The house and yard were in rough shape when the property was aquired. The entry way added some appeal, but the height needed to be raised. The yard had not been cared for, and was in need of a total overhaul.


The Kitchen was dated and in terrible shape. Every surface would need to be touched. It would also be a better use of space if a few walls were removed.

Living Space

The main living space was dated with an old brick fireplace, wood panelling on the walls, and carpet. It was also a very closed space. Swapping the paneling for textured walls, the brick for a more modern hearth, and replacing carpet with wide-plank wood flooring made for a much more modern feel.


The bathroom was completely redone, and the intrusive window was removed to add back privacy and allow for a beautiful tile surround to the bath/shower. Shelving was also relocated to the other side of the bath, making it more accessible and usable. A new vanity with granite countertop, large mirror, and updated fixtures and lighting made it complete.


The garage was restored to usefullness by removing the downtroden fence, replacing the garage door, and re-siding the exterior.


The exterior was neglected and run-down.

Cleaning up the landscaping provided a wonderful yardIt’s not quite a white picket fence, but it could be.Garage with parking and storage in the side yard.Parking for a vehicle and extra space for storage.Large front windows help maximize natural light.Open concept maximizes the usable space in the home.


Purchase Price: $260K
Fix-Up: $130K
Sold For: $477.5K